2017 Happy Holidays from Crystal Bridges!

♪ Swingin’ Jazz Music ♪ Wait, are you filming? I’m not ready… OK, let’s start. [Phone ringing] OWNER’S VOICEMAIL MESSAGE: If you are calling about finding Hamish on the Crystal Bridges trails… He is an outside cat, he is right where he enjoys being. At the tone, please record… HAMISH: Hello friends! My name is Hamish, the Crystal Bridges cat. I grew up in an animal shelter but I was rescued by friends to live near this museum. I love it! I have all the freedom. [To guests] Hi! This is one of my favorite spots. Right here on the pig. Stella… I think she’s real… It’s hard to tell. I love this place. It’s all mine. Maybe I’ll go over my bridge… This is my bridge! [To guests] Yeah keep on moving, people. Alright, on to the dome… The dome is mine. People come around… GIRL’S VOICE: Where did that cat go? HAMISH: Hey! Whatever… GIRL: He’s so cute… HAMISH: Oh, I know that guy! Look at that… He’s got some moves on him. I like when humans give me… [Purring, meowing] There’s a lot of people here… I see them everywhere. They all look a little different, but really, they are the same… they all smell the same… They always want to pet me. Watch out for the baby human! Are you done? Are you done? [Purring] That’s enough. OK, we’re done here. Moving on… They all love art. And of course, they love cats. Well, one cat… OK, it’s me. Everybody loves me. I’m lucky! I have my own house. It’s designed by someone named Frank. I think… Follow me, I’ll show you. Uhhh… Hello? No cat door? You. Let me in. Person! People! Over here! Hey! Meow! People! OK, fine… I don’t need to get in. I’m just gonna go lay down in the sun… Everyday is a holiday for me anyway! I’m good here… Have a great holiday… I’ll be here… Enjoying my Crystal Bridges… [Purring] [Purring] Uhhhh… [People laughing] Waking me up!

Stephen Childs


  1. This is adorable! Thanks, Hamish, and Crystal Bridges. Well done and Happy Holidays!

  2. Next time you see Hamish, take a picture with him and post it on his new Facebook Group Page: Hamish the Museum Advo(cat)e!!!Our Family is hoping to track his daily movements, and to see all of the new friends he makes!!! It’s still a bit astonishing that our cat is so popular! He still comes home bellowing for a bowl of fresh milk, pesters his fur-Brother Nigel, tries to snatch food off his human-sister Amelia’s dinner plate, keeps getting closed in the closet cause he fell asleep in the laundry bin, and then snuggles on the couch with us. We love him to bits, and are glad that we are able to give him the lifestyle & freedom that he needs. He can’t handle being kept in the house like usual house cats, which is great for us… we strive to give all our shelter pets room to move and be themselves. And we think it’s wonderful that he has found a safe place inside the museum, on the museum grounds, and around the community trails. Since the temperatures have dropped, we have been seeing Sir Hamish at home more! But don’t worry, he won’t miss a chance to get out & about on warm winter afternoons. Our Boy Lives in the Sunshine!

  3. This is the purrrrfect Christmas wish in such a difficult time in the world. Beautiful, fun and humorous! Merry Christmas to all the wonderful people who always make us welcome at Crystal Bridges! Merry Merry Christmas Hamish!

  4. We met Mr. H. as we walked over his bridge. He was delighted to see us. Then he hurried off. Probably had a tour to guide.

  5. Cute!  How come I didn't see him when I was there?  Will have to come back. . .

  6. Great Video. We will has to look for Hamish the next time we visit the Museum. Happy Holidays.

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