2017 Bing Agency Awards

>>Look around, look at
the way people are dressed.>>Really excited
about the evening, it’s a sold out event, bigger and better than last year.>>To have Trevor Noah up
on stage it’s amazing.>>Started using your products a few months ago, its fantastic. I don’t know what
[inaudible] is going? I will tell you what
they are doing. I’m like wait, wait, I’m
going to undo my shirt.>>So that is like really, really exciting like used to be part of like
this whole adventure.>>It’s really easy
to come to work every day and when
you’re coming to work with your friends and
your friends become a family. So this one’s for you guys.>>It takes that effort
day in and day out to try the newest things and figure out what works for the clients.>>So this award for
the team back in Chicago and here in New York that do all the work day to day.>>In Microsoft we are dedicated to making
a difference in our world and we seek
like minded partners.>>Sean and I wouldn’t be sitting
here if it wasn’t for the team that actually goes through and works on
maintaining and accreditation, so we just want to thank you
for that. Thanks everybody.>>It’s a recognition of all the hard work we
strive for at Blinks.>>Thanks a lot for helping
us like day and night.>>First of all we like to
think the whole Reprise team, top to bottom to leadership.>>We just want to thank
our excellent clients, our partnerships that
we have with Bing in the phenomenal team that
we have with the agency.>>This goes out to
the 850 media misfits.>>I’m blown away, I’m humbled, I’m grateful.>>You have to enjoy
the people that you work with. You have to like those people, you have to love those people.>>It’s been an amazing
six years for a Spark. We started with six people six years ago and now
we’re a global company. We’re more than just co-workers, we’re really a family and this is just an incredible honor.
Thank you Bing.

Stephen Childs

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