2016 Recruit Training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego

2016 Recruit Training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego

Stephen Childs


  1. 2020 Youtube 👨‍💻💭- you ain't seen this yet – Yes Sir! drill Sergeant -🤺 i will tuck you in bed & nights and hug you so you feel OK
    WTF 😳💭 🤺IM FOOKING JOKING 😳💭yes sir drill sargent
    after 1 month training if you pass i will take you all down the Pub & shout the beer till you pass & and carry you home tuck you all in Bed and kiss you all god night 😳💭Drill sergeant-? 😡💭WOT IS IT GOMER could you remember mr Beezly my teddy bear🤪👍Whats that movie ? like this ? drill sergeant says i bet your from Texas and dont even do a reach around for your mates no sir! 😅😅😅🦘🐨👍❤

  2. 👨‍💻💭2020 MEANWHILE in Australia https://youtu.be/bdjRh8qyWy8 completely different 🤺👍🐨🦘💭 yelling confuses kids Note no drill Sergeants Yelling or acting like a dicks 😳👍 and you get a cuddly Koala to hug in bed haa! joke joice https://youtu.be/pkKiGoUIEBc –

  3. Зачем вы орёте ? 🙂 Вас же перестреляют, думать тоже полезно во время боя:)

  4. Дурдом кокойто блять арущему пиздец чем сельнее арешь на человека чем он замкнутым становится дурдом а не армия

  5. so this is how it is?how did the corps agree to allow filming during this?and why?thought it was a secret.

  6. I laugh at this it is nothing…..the kids are being drilled to be a badass…one must becomes his own type of badass….

  7. Holy shit! Hahaha. I cant make out half of what anybody is saying with all the screaming. And those poor DIs voices are just blown the fuck out! Their vocal chords must be totally gone by 35! Mad respect for these guys.

  8. we r murdering your 18 16 thus criag thus god thus the. period by every any all means.

  9. we r murdering your 18 16 thus criag thus god thus the. period by every any all means.

  10. we r murdering your 18 16 thus criag thus god thus the. period by every any all means.

  11. we r murdering your 18 16 thus criag thus god thus the. period by every any all means.

  12. LOL! The "heavy hat's" sweatin' like a pig and the recruits ain't!

  13. Việt Nam mà chửi vào mặt nó kiểu này nó vả cho vỡ mồm

  14. At 5:14 I spotted a blurred out Pepsi machine and I was right and I was born with very good eye sight that I can see even the smallest details from afar.

  15. Was on the part where they're getting a haircut and out of nowhere: Raid shadow legends, download for free

  16. Remember that thanks to this hard training that has been around for more than 80 years, this and the previous troops from 80 years ago liberated Europe. The sergant is very strict because it will save their lives later..

  17. bunch of idiots, why are you screaming ? because my IQ is 55 and this is all what i can do

  18. its necessary to be so disrespectful with the recruits? fucking assholes
    it looks for a place to group together all the crazy people

  19. the whole ordeal is pretty fucking gay. having the dude do his thing on camera just ruins it.

  20. America you came to Portugal a few years ago and i sow that we are better in training and everything, you are just technology i'm sorry but it's true

  21. This would be a mess. couldn’t hear half the things they said. I could never 💀

  22. They yell instructions and then run around like idiots yelling at them what is so great about this? I mean if you desire to make violent psychopaths then success! But you can hardly call THAT great.

  23. Eita porra kk os cara é tudo perturbado das ideias é gritaria correria sem parar , os recrutas tá é com trauma kkk

  24. Wow… I bet the guys in every European army are so glad they dont have to scream like that. the guy has permanently no voice left.

  25. i'd like to join the us marines, but as a foreign i don't know if i could
    and man, i just understood half of what the sergeant said lol

  26. i hope this excise while yelling thing is for legitimate
    reason like getting use to using your voice to transfer critical information when in battle under physical strain otherwise this a poor method or retaining energy

  27. Hello mom, everything is fine with me, the service is calm and leisurely, my mother has a request for you, please get a pig at home, call him a sergeant, when I come, I’ll slaughter him from the army. Your son is Bill.

  28. I love it when a recruit gets gang rapped by multiple sergeants. They look so confused lol 🤣

  29. Recruit: Do cigarettes cause lung cancer?
    Sergeant: No!…Being a drill sergeant does, cough cough!!!
    Recruit: Sir, Are you okay?
    Sergeant: Sir yes sir!!! Cough
    Recruit: Sir, you seem to be losing your voice.
    Sergeant: What's it to you!!!
    Recruit: I'm just trying to be helpful.
    Sergeant: Sir yes sir!!! Cough cough…
    Recruit: Sir yes sir!?…May I recommend Vicks vapor rub.
    Sergeant: Aaaagggghhhhh!!!! Cough cough!

  30. English teacher: you will understand the language

    Sergeant: Am I a joke to you?

  31. August 1970. Arrived at the San Diego airport. A drill instructor was there and started yelling in the airport. I thought to myself…..What the hell did I just do. LOL. After 3 years in the Corps and 50 years later, it was the best training I could have ever received. It benefits you your entire life. Semper Fi Marines.

  32. ridiculous! by barking in this way, they think they are impessing their enemies? poor americans

  33. Very funny ) welcome ro Russian Army and may be you understand why we are greatest army in the world 😉

  34. The screaming idiots should educate themselvs at SAS to learn how to fight whithout these screaming orgies that only prove how little is left between the legs !!!!!

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