2015 Happy Holidays from IANR!

Dear Santa, Thank you for the awesome gifts last year, a new East Campus Rec and Wellness center, construction starting for the new East Campus
student dormitory and the new Veterinary Diagnostic Center, and how could I forget, the fabulous world-leading
Food and Greenhouse Innovation Centers at Nebraska’s new Innovation Campus. We’ve already put all of these wonderful gifts to good use in growing a healthy future, with our amazing 11th straight year of student
enrollment growth, 100 new faculty members across our statewide
campus, and a new record in research growth! You also have several new facilities across
the state to visit this year, thanks to the cheerfulness and generosity of our donors and
stakeholders. I’ve been extra busy this year. I added a third vice in having the opportunity
to serve UNL as the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic
Affairs. Hopefully this means extra treats for all
of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s family of students, faculty, staff, alumni,
and stakeholders. Hope you bring us a great 2016, and if you don’t mind — wins for our volleyball
and football teams yet this year would be great. Enjoy the Dairy Store Ice Cream I left for
you: take your pick sweet corn, bacon, or my personal
favorite – “Scarlet and Cream”. Merry Christmas and happy holidays, Santa And if you need any help taking care of those
reindeer, don’t hesitate to call up our animal scientists.

Stephen Childs

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