12 Types of Students During Recess

Good morning friends and teachers today for show-and-tell I brought something special This is a pot. This pot is special because it belongs to my mother She used to cook in this and if you guys listen close enough, you guys still can hear her voice? Okay, thank you Ren Yi Xiang please take a seat. And That’s the end of today’s show it you Wow. There was a great story already. So thanks, man Maybe we can go play around and take some photos together during recess right? Well, I just bought this camera So why don’t we go test it out? Oh So your homework for today will be from page 37 to page 52 and whatever you got a Very something like that. Where do you think you’re going? Don’t forget you have detention sit back down Yeah, you know what just a basket Malita Denise what are you doing here? I’m always here during recess but this is detention Go Outside. But there is nothing to do outside then do the homework that I gave you. Yeah, I’ve already finished it I finished it last week at you then continue from page 52 onwards. I finished the whole book You know what? Just get out get out Let’s get up Go I left my wallet at home, but your food looks good, though. Can’t try some Hmm this is actually very good Mm-hmm delicious Vicent that’s my lunch. Vegetables, I don’t need anyway plus all this other stuff cholestrol not good for you Company biggest evidence pathetic school food then what are you having Trev? Here’s your mug you beef real foie gras and crispy shallots up get the change buddy study dollars, so Buddy though Hey, aren’t you guys gonna eat? Nah, the queue is long. Ok, Let’s go and play basketball. Okay. No, running in the canteen. I said no running. No running in the canteen. Do You Even Have Papers To Mark? Where Are Her Friends? Sorry, This Seat Is Taken. Oh My god, I seriously can’t stand at Denise. Don’t Even Get Me Started.She Needs To Stop Trying So Hard. No way So that’s identify myself as a woman, okay? Okay, no judgments here Wait, I’m gonna give you one warning if you think You’re my favorite strike on the basketball team actually I prepare a chair for you they want to hear it Maybe They’d be Eunice Thomas nonsense. Have you ever look at yourself in the mirror? I may agree to you know What a handsome guy like me like someone are you Okay, what about What it’s been a month and you still can’t get tickets the end game I Haven’t been using social media because I want to avoid all the spoilers Have you ever wondered who met him Sabine’s husband is I mean, why would anyone marry dead right? We’re finally out of detention what we live now No, we don’t I’m fine here. The haircut is good. Let’s just stay here during recess. No, you don’t understand. All right How’s that your patient just out there? And I hope it stopped but there is not enough with your patient patient a patient a patient Okay, that’s all you’ve been going on for weeks. I’m so annoying. Hey, it wasn’t for you. I wouldn’t be in detention All right, so you better I’m going to go now Go away What’s happening God didn’t know we’ve got we go I’m Doing it, you know just spoil Angie what? Okay, just start saying spoilers and she’ll tell us to leave hmm Madam soup Bing. What do you want? Do you want to know what happens in the end game? Don’t you dad Yeah, what do you mean in 608 and high boost to stop moon very sound sit down I am inevitable That’s how it ended that’s one minute and I’ll see you tomorrow Well, I guess we can leave them Rahm is there you oh Hey Denise, why are you crying? Oh So darling it’s a video to mommy you cream for the chicken tikka masala, so mommy cooked it for lunch What a man, mom was maybe we could have it for dinner. Not in school Lunch in school yo ma mom. Can you just take it home and then I’ll eat it tonight Okay, okay, okay. Okay. We’ll go eat it. No, okay It’s very delicious I’m telling ya Are you gonna get that and then bring my wallet There’s your weight doing something When I was intervention, I cannot stop thinking about you. They were a good crew. Stop thinking about you and I just Put on many things in I’m afraid that you’ll go to meet hands on not me So I’m asking you to go on a date with me. You tell me this won’t stop giving some stop it Okay, um, just one week and I’ll see the move Wait Rhaenys. Yeah I’ll go wait. Yeah ality of this book. Oh, okay. Sure Hey miss Hey, then you lose over t1 t five days You’ll be fine we have to turn back I’ll tell my friends Alright now take out your notebooks and write down what you need to bring for our upcoming field trip. Yo you see religion What happened to you know what? You know, I don’t even want to know. Subscribe To JianHaoTan.New Videos Every Sunday.

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  1. Bell rings while the teacher is telling thier homework

    Teacher: Oh whatever u guys r going to fail anyways
    Me: I like that teacher 🤣🤣

  2. Denise is me but not in the bathroom, I eat alone in the class room while everyone is outside

  3. Who the hell is that guy reading in the canteen and why was poor Denise eating in the toilet. Those girls are mean . I can not belive Debbie likes that jerk . He is so mean and unfair

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