10 FAMILY FEUD PODIUM ANSWERS & MOMENTS Steve Harvey Got Confused Or Laughed Over!

Point values double top seven answers on the board. We asked 100 married women Name a part of your husband that you wish wasn’t so darn hairy his boss Come on Justin Vash your mama – no e De mama go to church. No. Yeah, so she’s gonna be very very ashamed It’s his fault I take but hopefully it’s up there It’s just this chest Top six answers on the board What might a man do if his ex-wife was telling everyone that he has a teeny weenie? Sue him Oh, yeah, oh, I’m sorry Divorce Kill her Max go shut this guy’s This little statement about me goes no further today you’re gay No kids visitation she’s not seen since she’s not allowed to see the kids You made these babies with this woman now you got a teeny weenie Nobody gives a fuck I’ll layer by no, she’ll I let everybody know she mine All right, guys we got to pay attention here we go point values of triple we got the top four answers on the board We asked 100 married women When it comes to grooming name something you wish your husband would do more often His eyebrows what? Those things Top six answers on the board We asked 100 married people Name something you’ve caught your spouse doing in the middle of sex Sleeping Watching TV watching TV Top 5 answers on the void here we go. We asked 100 married men name an animal that gets more nookie than you do a Doe what a Dog Oh dog I’ll out a deer a deer Okay What Dad Okay, little is did did you understand what she said it first, okay cool cuz I was sitting there going Point values are triple top four answers on the board name something you might like to have two of on your bed Women Steve Carson Kill my guy she went over there and hug tears And little Bible study gonna be back next week – dribbles Praise you Gotta bring an extra pillow Top eight answers on the board. We asked 100 married women name something you’ll let your husband get away with doing but just once Cheating Stop nodding your head stay still because you’ve got to go back over there right after What varies with double guys we got the top eight answers on the board fill in the blank If it were up to me, I’d never blink again Cheep-cheep Are you an idiot what you’re saying for little buddy it’s not gonna be up there Scot you you can come over here and play with this baby you get back at the hell what? The hell did you do? Oh You don’t think he’s gonna pay for that Do you? But this is gonna come up. Oh all over the holidays every time she get drunk. She gonna bring it up Remember what she tells Point values are tripled ladies top four answers on the board. We asked 100 women fill in the blank That was really not good. I’m sorry That was really not good So you could give NES, I’m sorry, I’m sorry Okay, here we go fill in the blank I love farming with big what packages Jason hoses Top six answers on the board Name something the church could get that might suddenly make a man want to attend Strippers Tim Tim is a pastor Sorry – yeah, but I’m doing this. Hell. Yeah, then I looked over there where our Strippers Top six answers on the boy. Oh We asked 100 married men. I wish my wife’s bottoms look like who’s Myself Here’s Beyonce Beyonce Well Tim the pastor Show he didn’t say nothing stupid. I Wish my wife’s bottoms look like who’d mine That’s saying nothing else don’t ask me You

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  1. no wonder why the Australian version of this show got cand it was nothing compered to this

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