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  1. That first one is true. Just pay attention to what is going on. Pope Francis, for example, is working to unite the world through religion, education and then bitcoin is going to replace paper currency. March 14th is when the leaders of the world will be gathering to the Vatican to talk about global education, to control what our children are taught, taking that responsibly from the parents more so then now. It’s even possible to apply to be a ‘global citizen.’ Deep fakes, it would be all too easy to frame innocent people of crimes, just because they did not go along with the rest of the world in one way or another. In such a case, how do we trust what it is we are seeing and hearing online or on tv? 4# see A Call for An Uprising. He goes in depth on this one and have many valid points.

  2. One you missed is population control ( most common theroy right now Chrono virus was intentional)

  3. We are all controlled since the day we are born. The goverment knows everything about us

  4. seems more like the truth than a conspiracy to me! except the part about the government saving us all! my conspiracy theory is that one day the government or those shadow elites will travel to another planet but before they sail into the skies they would fire a rocket or an unknown object into the world destroying us all into a nuclear waste dumb of sorts so as to make sure that we don't follow! and they could make it look like an accident as well! these radiation can cause diseases and mutation and completely change our ways of live! this is how you create hell on earth!

  5. The illuminati exists, I have a family member who was contacted by them and offered a lot of money in exchange for serving the devil. (He didn't accept)

  6. This stuff is real, and it’s great that big YouTube channels can expose and talk about. Wake up !

  7. #2 and #1 are definitley things. I don't think #2 is that hard to beleive. Just look at elections in this country from the past 40 years. I don't think it's as "mysterious" as u claim.

  8. Damn YouTube! Even with all notifications on. I'm still not getting updates on Matt's vids!

  9. 0:41 if this were then why the hell does every country fight and threaten each other with militaries.

  10. I believe the world is dying slowly and we all play a big part of things to come .
    Governments promise one thing the do what they want it’s taken far to long for the uk government to get out of Europe for arguments sake .

  11. Hey I know this is weird but did you take down your YouTube account temporarily? Bcuz I tried searching it up but your channel wouldn’t show ? At all

  12. These are all rather silly. The only conspiracy I've heard about that creeps me out is the story about Danny Casolaro and the Octopus.

  13. Whether or not you believe that fluoride in the water is bad thing please keep in mind they come in hazmat trucks to do so, and that fluoride does actually strengthen the enamel on your teeth but it does Leach calcium out of your bones. so you can say conspiracy all you want but to be honest you all just sort of fell for a snake-oil salesmen lies, I don't believe it's any more complicated than that. But on the topic of chemtrails, we have CIA evidence that they have tried this before, they spray all sorts of toxins and heavy metals in the air constantly and that's not even the conspiracy that's just something that happens. It really shouldn't, but you know if you bring it up you're crazy and we should all look the other way… God I hate people…

  14. The only reason you used to be relevant on YouTube is because of the connection you had with the people behind the trending feature several years ago. Now that they dropped you, you are what you should have been from the start. Thousands of creators went unnoticed because people like you used immoral tactics and connections for temporary success.
    I hope you see this and it sticks s in your brain for the rest of your life because you know it’s true.

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  16. Maybe the government put us in a genjustsu through the thumbnail of this video?

  17. Society needs to open the pineal gland and take trips to the realms of reality and find the truth

  18. YES!!! Sedate the population to the point that people with millions of followers on youtube make videos exposing it!!!! i knew it!!!!!

  19. Come on government upto shadowy stuff and self serving!
    No elected officials have ever reneged on policies they pledged in their campaign!

  20. When you mess with our water you mess with what we are more than ⅔ made of! Makes sense it should be pure and fluoride whatever quantity is toxic waste!

  21. S T O P. R a P E I N G. B a b I E S
    The creepiest yet/….arresting all the rapist child molesters ,and murders😀/ they might've looked for satan/ the Jesus exsist for real// haaa/ true/ ba ba ba-da…..//

  22. Lol the Sharingan!!! 😂😂😂 Uchiha Clan getting Blamed even in the Real World

  23. #10 is the cult known recently well last 100 years .. as.. " the family " Mrs Warren just hasn't been to the basement …she knows but she's not gonna upset herself to show true faith to god.. that's not not the Christian way!

  24. Only one thing wrong with this video…it's too short! We need 20 conspiracy theories

  25. Mathew. This rabbit hole was dug by the wolves that watch. They wish not to eat the rabbit, but shed tears for the ones that decend away from the green grass given to them in safety. At any moment, the grass could be shed with blood, but is not because of the wolves kindness, yet why do the rabbits spit and curse about the wolves down in the burrows given? why do they not see the carnage that could be coming forth? The wolves do not hunt the rabbit, they only wish to coincide in peace with them. The wolf envies the rabbit. How easy and beautiful there life is.

  26. bonus conspiracy when lsd was discovered by the government to test the affects of acid they made a bunch of people trip unwilling and studied there behavior for the 12 house they were tripping so that one day it can be legal so they can put tax on it just like weed

  27. Don't forget the most powerful cult "the Jesuits" , they are the agents of Satan.

  28. The sharingan is the government's plan to control us all. That's why they made the space force

  29. ok but why is the masonic symbol on the thumbnail if it’s never mentioned or shown in the video—

  30. Your my new favorite youtuber I absolutely love your way of thinking and tell us the truth about conspiracy theories this is amazing and you let us see the world tru your eyes and that's the first time I see clear. I am always a strong woman and need prove to except the tru but this creepy conspiracy fact are absolutely amazing what an fantastic video❗I am Myriam from the Netherlands and refuse to be a puppet on the rope and sticks controled by the coverment. I am Myriam from the Netherlands and I absolutely hope you come to my place and do me the honor and become a friend here.✌❤

  31. Content + definitely ‘provocative’ music, visual effects, and editing = edutainment for sure

  32. I wonder why this video has fewer views. Is that a conspiracy too ? Involving YouTube?

  33. Because i say let the world destroy itself.
    We deserve it.
    May a nuclear war take place!

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