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  2. That's just like Democrats spend our money on they want to get back in the office to get more money from us

  3. I am sick and tired of calling illegal aliens "immigrants". That's like calling an armed bank robber "a customer making a withdrawal".

  4. What are the motives for Democrats to want open borders? When amnesty and citizenship are granted to millions of these foreigners, and it is inevitable, there will be a huge gain in the population of likely Democratic voters. Politics is a bare-knuckle fist fight, and the Dems intend to win by any means necessary.

  5. You won;t do this in other countries ! All this Crap needs to stop what ever it takes . Stop all the Billions going to the other 214 countries Until this Border is Fixed !!

  6. Why are all of FOX news videos about aoc, beto, pete buttgigger, and other uneducated democrats having the comments disabled? Is this fox or utube trying to censure us. You can't justify censorship utube….

  7. build the world's largest rocket, strap all those immigrants to the side and launch that mfr toward the sun !!! 🚀☀️
    BYE BYE !!

  8. Just start killing everyone that crosses illegally. They'll soon get the message

  9. The Dems want Texas Blue. This is they're plan. Why else would they be fighting the census question on citizenship?

  10. Lay down about 500 million land mines across the border. That’ll help

  11. Separate the children mechanically, with the equipment they use in chicken slaughterhouses

  12. Multiple assailant attacks on homes becoming the norm…high caliber weapons save lives..🇺🇸❤️✝️

  13. This process is self centered to boost her votes. This is wrong.

  14. Ask the Native Americans about invasion
    “…huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!
    The Statue of Liberty

  15. Yeah, I’ve been saying the ‘11 million’ every pundit spews is complete BS…. only if you’re completely illiterate in math and have no concept of how long humans generally live

  16. In Areas Like This They Should Put Snipers 2 Take Care of The Problem

  17. It is all about reducing the republic to insolvency, and rendering it incapable of establishing a currency, or culture of value.

  18. This is an all out attack on the sovereignty of the United States. Democrats are “cheerleaders.” History will bear witness to the truth that America was not destroyed by aliens, America was destroyed by other Americans

  19. Thanks Democrats for destroying the country my father fought ww2 for. Republicans please I beg you stand up for our country and vote President Trump back in for 4 more years. Please vote Republican across the board. I don't hate or dislike Democrats I just can't climb on board with their country destroying ideas. To the squad- you have been given a great opportunity and position to help your districts and all you can do is create hate racism and controversy in dividing our country. They )the sqaud( have never praised America show some compassion families and children in this country who are suffering every day. MAGA

  20. There`s another multi-million from every nation in the world headed to South America to begin their track to the US.

  21. And it is reporting like this that is making mass murderers! Thanks fox news!!

  22. Fox "News" has to disable their comment because they are ashamed of the kind of comment coming from their base.

  23. Wow I am not on diabled list for THIS Fox video comment section. What the hell is going on. Now, depending on my beliefs I will be sensored topic by topic?? Long tome FOX fan. But I am close to shutting the door on them!

    It may be that its ALL YOUTUBE CONTROLLED. Youtube now sensoring comments base on holding conservative ideas in my comments.

  24. The people needs to go out and protests like Puerto rico and make things happen in oir goverment and clean the swamp

  25. Build the wall! This is crazy! Democrats have done all they can to weaken the border to get new voters! Americans don’t want their country being invaded!

  26. Gracias saludos paz bien verdad justicia adelante excelente información!!

  27. Just like a couple thousand years ago, this never changes. No room at our inn, go sleep in a manger, paupers.

  28. Man how come the comments sections up for Fox news's clips about border control but when it goes to the mass shootings they close the comment section?

  29. The Democrats want brown people not white people in America, the Dems are the most racist people in the world

  30. We should have tanks and Bradley Fighting vehicles on the border to blow up drug Smuggler vehicles the minute they cross the border

  31. This is what the Dems want to floor the gates ! and we all are paying the price ! The Dems and Libs hate America and the US ! More shootings >there coming in ! ( I TOLD YOU SO ! ) SHUT IT DOWN !

  32. "Its not a crime to cross the border illegally"
    The wise words of that idiot aoc

  33. Under dem control, Who was responsible for installing the original piece of crap fence? Sounds like the party that spent the money on contractors pocketed it.

  34. More unregulated immigration will lead to more shootings… mark my words, they need to end all immigration legal and illegal.

  35. More unregulated immigration will lead to more shootings… mark my words, they need to end all immigration legal and illegal.

  36. Time to check out the comments section and count the number of people echoing a mass murderer. Stay classy, Republicans.

  37. I hate videos like this, because it’s infuriating that our own elected and sworn officials are allowing this to continue on at a rate that is unsustainable. It couldn’t be anymore obvious that these illegal migrants I have one plan in mind and that is to recover the state of California and make it part of Mexico and they won’t stop there. They will take Texas and Arizona as well as long as our stupid politicians do nothing and allow it to happen right in front of our very eyes. If we don’t stop this now by way of rules and laws at some point it’s going to have to be forcefully done the Democrat left-wing socialist party is out of control and they must be defeated for many elections To come 20 2024 2832 so on and so forth if we lose even one of these elections in the near future this country is in big big trouble.

  38. Invaders. Not migrants. Migrants are legal. These are cheating, line jumping assholes.

  39. This country is finished 🤦. But we did have a good run while it lasted.

  40. They are not migrants. Migrants come in legally, with passports and visas. Those coming across the border are illegal aliens. Get DNA from every child under 18. And children born to illegal mothers take her citizenship, not USA! They have no rights. Build the wall! If I go to Canada or Mexico or any other country I need a passport! Be honest in your reporting. Say "illegal" immigrants!

  41. How about let Bernie, AOC, and Beta-Male O’Rourke Pay for their healthcare? And oh yeah, let’s make Bernie, AOC and Beta actually LIVE with these people, and have to endure the squalor, crime, & violence that they bring with them. *Not holding my breath!

  42. That would have taken them some time. Is nobody monitoring these cameras?

  43. Some countries put land mines down. A wall is pretty humane. I don't hear the Democrats mentioning that.

  44. Were they arrested? That would be real reporting instead of using this as a political springboard. No news nowadays is impartial. It's all slanted toward one political side to another so you never know the complete story.

  45. Fox News should be closed down for encouraging White Christian Terrorism

  46. Anybody advocating for open borders is a traitor . They must be indicted on a charge of treason.

  47. Gillibrand, why are there so many vulnerable women and children in this mess of criminals? Gillibrand, Pelosi and Schumer let in criminals and that is why women and children are not safe. Kick out the criminals from America. What happens when there is a coup? What happens is that all the old leaders are killed. That means you Gillibrand. You will be killed also. Why would a new coup want the likes of you or Pelosi, Obama or any of you. Don't you realize that you are working for your demise? You are a very dumb female.

  48. fkn tired of having 60% of my paycheck going for freebie hoarders
    build that wall and stop all immigration for 5 years

  49. Hope they go directly to progressive liberals houses be taken care of

  50. You’re all thinking wrong. The migrants aka the families are MIGRANTS this video shows drug traffickers they are invading our country but you need to understand the migrants DIDNT DO ANYTHING TO YOU ITS THE CORPORATIONS! The man talking like syrup filled botch is stupid.

  51. They won't tell you here — The reason there are almost no crossings at El Centro is because on both sides there are many miles of hot desert before you can get to a house never mind a city or water or even shade… YouTubers gave us a tour along this fence and showed it all to us… They probably have their channel deleted… FOX is just another Shill that wants their news power back again like it was before everyone had cell phone cameras and they were the ONLY ONES'S giving us "news" and had full mind control over us… Before Trump and this RUSH for a presence on the internet, the people actually did know the truth about what was happening around the world…

  52. This country will soon become just like the one they are running away from if we have open borders… When people are desperate for their lives, they will commit fraud on paperwork -SO WOULD YOU!!!

  53. Whats gonna happen whem our country is unsustainable because of the population thats is the question noone wants to answer . they just want votes thats what this is all about

  54. No no no we need no walls just open up the border allow everyone who wants to be here tax payers will pay for all of them. Who cares if we raise taxes. We give you the money anyway we just will take it back. Racist biggot homophobe dinosaurophobe. You don't like Dino's. You are evil. I'm going up stairs and telling my mom. No actually my beta dad and he will show you. Feeling are a better source than your stupid facts. I am going to go get a milkshake and carton of eggs and throw them at you for loving America. How dare you. I would pray but I don't believe in God. I hate family values as well. How dare you judge me. You Trump loving racist. Don lemon is so right. You guys are racist. How can go sleep at night. This is from the most woken person you have ever met. I'm so awake right now your nearly napping. I want everyone to get 1 million dollars a month if you support Pocahontas. She will do that and she promised. I'm never going outside now to help my white blood cells because I will eventually have free health care. Isn't this going to be great free free free. I went to college and got a masters in gender studies. I can prove to you there are an infinite amount of genders just ask my friend who goes by a dog breathing cat napping Slough working person. Do not call zer a mam or sir I swear if you her up during her nap she will go to my aunt Nancy house. If she's to busy fixing her teeth then I'll send you to my uncle Chuck. For years ago he believed in borders now Trump's in office and he's losing more hair. Don't tell AOC because her horse teeth may eat those hair follicles " this is what I hear from the left everyday".

  55. " expected"  What do you mean expected to cross? This is a national emergency !!! We don't have the money to provide free legal representation from the government. Later on in the future, it will be sorely regretted if they don't get a grip of the inflow of asylum seekers and build the wall quickly. We are already in debt. Would never vote for Gillibrand!!

  56. This is nothing. In Germany we had upwards of 2 million in 2 years.

  57. hey fox news, can you talk about a refugee who injured a mother snd killed her son on a train in germany.😧😧😧

  58. Congress and Democrats have become the most anti-American people to ever come around. They are one step away to becoming terrorists. I thought the too cult like partys couldn't go any lower, I guess I was wrong. I shouldn't be surprised, it is the Democrats and leftist Congress after all.!

  59. They're in a hurry to get over here so they can get welfare and live off the government.

  60. It's not paid for by government money the government doesn't have any money the tax paying legal citizens are footing bill that we never agreed to

  61. The time when I am watching this video clip,no sounds being heard.What went wrong?.

  62. You couldn't even let alone for a week people are dead shaking my head

  63. Open the borders…have an American EU. USA…Mexico and Canada…free movement and free trade. Who's in?

  64. Sacramento and Fresno size cities need to be built every year to house and job the rush to America. No new cities, so The Dems. Will give them your homes, jobs.

  65. That car and group of people look like “ well trained militant “ not look like asylum seekers

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