hi everybody welcome to my channel on
magical mating and on my channel I had a variety of different playlists but first
as you can tell I’m already ready for Christmas like always I always update my
welcome video and now it’s Christmas time so yeah I’m fully decorated I just
have a few finishing touches a little here a little there and later going to
put a few more things up but for the most part the outside and the inside are
done and look for the video coming soon of all my holiday decorations inside and
out so I just want to say welcome to my longtime subscribers my new subscribers
and potential subscribers and to all of you do not forget to click that Bell
from future notifications so that you know when I have a new video coming up
especially the video with my decorations that are coming up okay so it’s the
holidays and has promised as always I always do the updated welcome videos
when the seasons change and when the holidays change so I got a little deck
down no I didn’t cut my hair I just curled it and I figured I’d get a little
festive and bread and get ready I have my tree up it’s not a big tree because
you all know I have my cat Salem and he would probably destroy it so I’m not
sure if he’s at that age where I can trust him yet he is 4 years old now so
maybe next year he’ll be ready for that so I’m gonna begin by talking about some
updates for my longtime subscribers that don’t want to hear the same thing over
and over I’ll get to those first and then for explaining about and then when
I talk about my playlist and what’s in it best for my new subscribers and my
potential subscribers so if you’re just looking around and you haven’t
subscribed yet I hope that you’ll look around because I do have a variety of
different playlists for if you’re not interesting one thing
you might be interested in another so let’s get started with updates so as you
know most of you know that I have made two new playlists one was my everyday
vlogs that I started in the summer the next one is updates and announcements I
used to have my DIY craft pillarless first on my channel but I moved the
updates and announcement playlists first so now my DIY so now my DIY crafts
playlist is second and I did this because sometimes there’s a lot of
updates and announcements that I have to make for instance if I had a giveaway
which I had to already and congrats again to the two winners of those two
giveaways and instead of having to make a welcome video just to announce it or
throw it somewhere I figured I’d make a playlist just for updates and
announcements so you would know where to find the latest information on my
channel about my channel so like I said there are two new playlists it’s updates
and announcements which will be my first playlist and then I also added ASMR now
I didn’t make a playlist for that I basically stuck that in with my everyday
vlogs only because there’s only so many playlists that you can have showing that
a visible and then they go into little sections and you might not find that
plus I only just started with ASMR I do a little here and a little there and I’m
pleased to know that you appreciate that now I’m new at it and I don’t do all
those roleplay things that people do I don’t have all those costumes they’re
people I just like it because I started with ASMR because I had a headache one
well I suffer from headaches migraines and I was looking for the binary obese
as you could listen to you that relax you and I came across a few ASMR for
headaches and it was it what it does is their relaxing sounds that relax you if
you’re stressed if you have anxiety tensions of view of a headache and it
helps you to relax it helps you to relax enough to go to sleep if you have
problems sleeping and then helps you to relax a few if a headache so I was
relaxed and it actually in some cases completely help me with my headache and
other cases with stronger migraines it at least helped me to relax a little
little to lessen with a migraine so they do help and it’s a series of relaxing
noises and talking along now I like water sounds and page-turning sounds and
crinkly paper sounds so I tried to add that in and sometimes I read and I’ll
probably have a Christmas one where I read so that’s what I like to do but I
you know sometimes if it’s too noisy and I do live in an apartment they are other
people around then I can’t do that so I know a lot of you have requested
things but I don’t take requests as much as I appreciate ideas so maybe in the
future I’ll be able to incorporate some of those ideas I can’t go too elaborate
but I’ll try so those are the two new things that got going on my updates and
announcements playlist and that other than that I’m gonna start telling you
about all of my playlists so for my new subscribers and my potential subscribers
you might want to stick around to hear all about my playlists and for my
longtime subscribers you already know what’s in my playlist but if you want to
stick around and join me go ahead so I felt very festive today because I’ve got
my holiday stuff on so I decided to do my hair a little different I decided to
wear red and I’ve got my order MIDI ring son and my son now whether you celebrate
the holidays or not it’s Happy Holidays Merry Christmas season greetings Happy
Thanksgiving and Happy New Year I think I stuck that all in maybe I
should say Happy Thanksgiving since that comes first season’s greetings Happy
Holidays Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
so I’m trying to cover whether you celebrate the holidays or
not you’ve done a lot you gotta love the decorations and I’m already listening to
Christmas music it’s already snowing out or not today but it did start a couple
of days ago and that’s what got myself and my husband in the mood for the
holidays and I was gonna wait to decorate but I decided why not
so now that everything’s decorated I updated my welcome so anyway I’m going
to describe all my playlists and I’ll try to do it as fast as I can
so my first playlist like I said is updates and announces there you will
find all the latest news changes to my channel updates to my channel things I
added if I have a contest a new playlist or anything else that I have to announce
an update so my second playlist is my DIY crest in there I have tons of
different types of crafts mostly it’s jewelry tutorials but some of the DIY
crafts are of some holiday decorations Halloween I had a monster in a jar and I
had how to make blinking lighted cauldron and I have two of those ones an
old one and ones an updated one and I also have some shopping hauls in there
for like when it was Halloween and I also have some unboxing and reviews in
there of craft for craft supplies and making jewelry also in there is all
kinds of Julie from wire jewelry bead jewelry resin jewelry and more all
different types of jewelry for my resin I have one that’s ideas of what you can
do that I made different ideas if you’re stumped what to make for resin jewelry
another resin is a three parter one is showing you all the things you’ll need
and don’t need and how to do it and what not to do and the second one is showing
you how to mix it how to pour it what you can add in it and the third one is
basically showing you how you pop them out of the molds how you trim
them how you file them how you buff them how you give them a nice shine how you
would paint them and then make things out of them and its really most of mine
tutorials are for the beginner the don’t know anything about that don’t know how
to make jewelery or have an idea but they want to start but they’re also I
try to keep them interesting enough for the novice that makes jewelry if you
make jewelry every day if you’ve made it for years you still would find it
interesting I also include recyclable type of jewelry such as making jewelry
out of cardboard using tin can lids for jewelry as well also using discarded tea
lights the bottom part where the tea light holders also using tea light
holders to make jewelry I made a pair of earrings in a pendant using that so also
using gift bag handles from the gift bag and the other gift bags you know like
the type you get around the holidays to give gifts to or for birthdays or
whatever those little gift bags you find at the store that comes small medium and
large I’m gonna show you how you can incorporate that into making jewelry so
I have a variety of a lot of different tutorials in there so be sure you check
that out it’s my second playlist on my channel and for my third playlist I
believe I moved my everyday he belongs down and my paranormal blogs up for the
season but that’s what I do I change it around either way if you go on my main
channel you see all the playlists there’s also a variety of different
types of videos that aren’t in playlists so to see them you just simply click on
videos at the very top when you get to my channel and all my videos pop up and
you just scroll now originally when I started my channel it was just a place
to host videos of my cats that’s it that’s all it was and occasionally if I
had decorations up but that’s it then I started posting videos of jewelry tour
rales now they were very primitive they might make you dizzy I didn’t have good
lighting I didn’t have a good cam and I didn’t always use my tripod so some
people got dizzy but I did try to remake them and update most of them and you can
find the updates all in my DIY crafts playlist so when I first made one I made
a pendant and everybody liked it now I made it for my friends that I knew on
Facebook but I needed a place to host it so I just put it up on YouTube well now
it’s got over 70 something thousand views and how it’s a primitive one it’ll
make you dizzy I didn’t use my chair I thought it was one of my very first but
I did remake that a few times and people liked it and they asked me to make more
so that’s when I started making more and more and then I added my other playlists
I think that’s my third reviews so what I do on my reviews playlist is I do
reviews of product reviews basically and I do reviews of different things from
skincare to perfume to haircare to how you can make your own makeup using
organic ingredients how you can you know and other different product reviews
things that I purchased myself are got as gifts or that company’s sponsored me
for by sending me free product and I always mention that in my videos in
Lissa and description box so both the things in my reviews and I also have a
few shopping hauls in that playlist as well so be sure to check those out then
I have my paranormal blogs that’s something I started last September and
basically what my paranormal vlogs is about it discusses my experiences with
the paranormal and my abilities growing up to this day and I have water scrying
in there and I don’t get waters growing like the everyday person I do orders
crying a little differently or descrying is a great conductor and the spirits use
that with the mall kills in the water and their pal asthma
and you can see them they’re real spirits entities and interdimensional
beads and water scrub I also have a video where I’m doing that in front of
you I also have a video doing waters grind tutorial where you can try it
yourself I go step by step of how you could do it and how you should do it and
there’s tons of pictures of the spirits entities and interdimensional beings
that I caught in war describe and I have EVPs I have conversations with spirits
entities and interdimensional beings and I put some parts of it in there now they
don’t always come out clear I get some of the conversations telepathically as
well as recorded I didn’t I discovered that I could record them I thought
nobody else can hear these in one day I was said that I lost my cat butterball
and I sat down with a cup of coffee had just said is butterball happy and at
peace and someone said yes he is and I have that recording in one of my mini
episodes of my paranormal blogs and I just started having conversations and
it’s been going on I believe since 2015 and I have tons and tons of PvP sons
that I haven’t even gotten to but I don’t like to call them EVPs I like to
call them conversations because we do have a little more than just one word
here and there and I don’t have to go anywhere specific to get them I can be
anywhere anytime anyplace anytime at the day or night Sun rain night day doesn’t
matter I’ll be able to get them and I tell you and show you all about that in
my paranormal blogs so be sure that you check those out now I do ramp them up a
little by making a lot more when the season when September hits and then I
slow it down about now now I do have a few more that I’m gonna add but then I
like to concentrate on my other playlists I still have plenty of DIY
crafts to do I’ve got some supplies and I’m going to
be making some new videos and the coming days and weeks I also have other
playlists so I have with my cat playlist everyday blogs I have where I stick in
some ASMR and where I talk about just everyday things yeah they’re called
everyday vlogs but I don’t do them every day I don’t have that kind of time to
just do a vlog every day but I do try to get them in every now and then just to
say hello it’s just being mainly chitchat sometimes I do little reviews
on there and I show you new things I got but that’s basically just an everyday
vlog just talking about my everyday then I have videos with my cats I have videos
on nature most of you already know that I live by a pond and woods for now
anyway and I like to capture a lot of nature because of the big pond I get a
lot of different types of birds squirrels deer coming up and and I like
to capture all that and put it in there as well as of course my cats now some of
my cats have passed but Rudy and Salem are very much alive and always into
something and I like to show you videos of them because they are a lot of fun if
you haven’t subscribed and you’re just looking around subscribe now I’d like I
said I have a variety of different things for you to watch so don’t forget
everybody to hit that Bell for future notifications so you’ll know and be
notified when I get a new video now on my channel I like to keep it light I
like to keep it fun it’s very positive I don’t like to be negative I like to have
fun and do crafts and have my cats my nature and my blogs oh I like to have
fun on here I like to add special effects to my videos I know I got a
little addicted to adding special effects but to me they’re like pop-up
books I always loved pop-up books when I was a kid
and so to me when you add those fun special effects which I’m adding now in
this video sometimes when you’re watching a video
and sometimes it can get a little boring but when you add a little couple of
special effects and it makes it less boring in a lot more fun so that’s what
I do you’ll see them throughout some of my videos and that’s basically it so
have a look around have a little fun and also be looking out for my latest video
where I’m going to show you all my decorations
once they’re all finished like I said I still have some finishing touches which
I’m gonna do once I get out of here and then maybe throughout the week I might
get a few new things not sure yet so look out for that one be sure you’re
subscribed and thank you for subscribing thank you for clicking that bell for
future notifications thank you for always commenting liking and watching my
videos I do appreciate it I don’t always get to see everybody’s video I try when
I take some time off I sit and I watch and sometimes I don’t always get to
comment but I do watch your videos in full and I do hit the like button so if
you’re there and I’m subscribed and you’re subscribed to me and you’re
wondering why I have in common it doesn’t mean I didn’t watch your video
and like it just means I haven’t had the chance to come because I’m busy doing
stuff also help happy holiday season’s greetings happy Thanksgiving Merry
Christmas Happy New Year’s and I’ll see you in my videos thanks for watching bye

Stephen Childs


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