【#034】What is “Golden Week”?~ゴールデンウィークって何?~with English subtitle

Hi guys! It’s Misaki! I’m going to introduce a Japanese holiday called the “Golden Week” today. “Golden Week” is from April 28th to May 6th this year.(it changes each year) We call this holiday “Golden week” because it has many national holidays in a week. Here in Japan, we don’t usually have long holidays except for New year’s break. So many people travel abroad or visit their hometowns during those times. Let me introduce each day in the Golden week. It’s April 28th today. It’s just a normal Saturday. Tomorrow is April 29th which is the “Emperor Showa’s Birthday”. Showa is the previous era in Japan. April 29th is the Emperor showa’s birthday. April 30th (Monday) is a substitute holiday for the Emperor showa’s birthday. May 1st and 2nd are just normal weekdays. So they aren’t day-offs. But some companies and schools have two day-offs on those days. Some people take paid leaves. May 3rd is the second national holiday of the Golden week, which is the ”Constitution Memorial Day”. On May 3rd, 1947, the current Constitution of Japan came into effect. So still now, the day is a national holiday. Then May 4th is the third national holiday of the Golden week, which is the ”Green Day”. The name “Green Day” was chosen to commemorate Emperor Showa, who had profound knowledge of biology and botany and was interested in preserving the environment. May 5th is the 4th national holiday of the Golden week, which is the ”Children’s Day”. The purpose of the Children’s Day is to celebrate children’s happiness and to respect their personalities. The day was originally called “Tango no Sekku”, or Boy’s Festival, which was celebrated in order to wish them grow healthily in the family. The last day of the Golden week is May 6th. It’s a usual Sunday. So we have consecutive holidays during the week. I won’t use my paid leaves so I have 3days-off and 4days-off. I’ll go back to my hometown “Gifu” and relax with my family for 4 days. Actually I wanted to go to travel but I noticed I haven’t been back to my hometown for a while so I decided to go there this holiday. Okay! That’s me for today! Let me know your countries’ national holidays! Don’t forget to give me a Like if you enjoy my videos! If you like my channel, please subscribe to it! Thank you so much for watching! See ya!

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  1. My country has too many holidays in comparison. Since there's different religions there's the usual easter, diwali, and ramadhan holidays which have come to be holidays for everyone in the last decade. There's also national holidays to celebrate becoming a republic, and others in honour of the heroes who fought for independence from the Brits.
    It's really cool having the holidays crammed together in a week. I'd definitely use such to go to the countryside.

  2. This month in France national off days:
    – May 1 ( All the workers celebrate not working this day )
    -May 8 ( Celebrate victory in World War 2 )
    – May 10 ( Religious )
    -May 21 ( Religious )

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