اشتريت سيارتي الأولى في أمريكا | I bought my first car in USA

2 days earlier 2 days later it’s too cold I chose to live in Florida because it has a tropical weather I came for looking for the hot weather These days, Florida has the coldest days ever The one I called 2 days ago told me that he will call me back when the car is ready and he didn’t call yet I will look for another car I am only looking for a 2006 GMC Yukon Either 2005 or 2006 Here is another one, it’s 2005 model its mileage is 180k miles The owner is asking a high price But it’s so clean, it has leather seat, sunroof, and the whole service history is available He is the second owner He bought it from the first owner in 2008 He is asking 5500$ and in another website he is asking 5200$ I will go check the car now, it’s 2 hours away from me The city is so beautiful, so I’m not only going to see the car Let’s go This car has no side steps Why am I only looking for a GMC Yukon 2005-2006 ? At first, I don’t want to get an expensive vehicle Because I haven’t lived in America for a long time, I should buy an old car so the insurance is cheaper The older models of the Yukon, 2002-2004, has some issues that have been fixed in the 2005-2006 models It’s perfect for a daily use We can also tow a trailer with it The Yukon 2005 & 2006 models still have the smell of the Caprice 4th generation (1991-1996) The seats are so comfort like the old cars The best thing in America is that you keep seeing trucks and nature while you are driving The Trucks are everywhere Seeing trucks everywhere helps you to relax and think that life is still good Here is the showroom and our GMC Yukon I will bring the key to check the car Tomorrow I will come back to finish the deal and pick up the car It’s 4:45 pm The people who work in the showroom told me not to go back to my city now because there is a traffic jam I told them that I know the streets so well because I have been here many times And I’m stuck in the traffic I finally arrived at my house There is a weird sound in my head Welcome in Tomorrow I checked the car yesterday and booked it, but I forgot that it’s two hours away from me In the night I started thinking in a way to bring the car to my place I found a rental company next to my house I rented the cheapest car they have, it should be Ford Fiesta I will get it from here and return it back in the city I’m going to If the rental companies in the US do not have the car you rented, they will give you a higher model for the same price They gave me Chrysler 300 2019 Model Let’s see if it’s 6 or 8 cylinders It’s 6 cylinders It seems that it will be a good trip with this Nissan The new Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Each individual is towing his cabin with him Look at this! I bought the car It is officially registered The dealer is called Adam, He is from Poland He helped me a lot Because I drove for 2 hours, he finished the car registration for me on the same day He finished everything so quickly A few replacements should be done in the car like the tires I will fix everything This will be the first project for me in the US I will also do some changes for the exterior I drove the car for 160 km, everything looks good The engine temperature is normal It has no issues It need new tires For example, we can change the rims also instead of changing only the tires Instead of replacing the air intake with an original one, we can install a cold air intake You pay 300$ for a cold air intake instead of 20$ for an original air intake I will show you the vehicle when I arrive home It’s a 2005 GMC Yukon The interior Leather seats The seats are so clean Sunroof The only annoying thing in the car is that the seats are leather not cloth The cloth seats are so comfort 5.3L engine The radiator needs water The previous owner took care of it The oils are good and clean It has seat heaters, seat memories, and pedals adjuster It’s 2 wheel drive That motivated me to buy it because I don’t need the 4×4 This is the third GMC Yukon that I bought and all of them was the same model I owned 2 GMC Yukon back in Qatar, they were 2005 & 2006 Models And this one is 2005 General Motors made these models to be perfect When they made these models of Yukon, there were no complications They didn’t make many systems for the environment and whenever some things stop, the check engine light appears Yesterday when I was driving on the high way, the rpm was a little bit above 2000 when the speed was 120 km/h I remembered my 2006 Yukon that I had in Qatar, in that Yukon the rpm will be less than 2000 when the speed is 120 km/h This means that this Yukon has different differential ratios than my Yukon in Qatar This code, GT4, is for the rear differential GT4=Rear Axle 3.73 Ratio My old Yukon was GU6 GU6=3.42 Ratio So this Yukon has a different differential ratio We got a good car When I went to the showroom for the first time I was sitting in the Dodge Ram finishing the insurance application Then I heard someone openning and closing the Yukon doors There was a guy checking the car So I looked at him Afterthat, the dealer’s wife came and told the guy that I came before him for this car So while he was leaving he told me “Nice truck man” I will show you the steps of fixing the issues in the car Thank you and see you later

Stephen Childs


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