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Tasty meal like everything. And Shrovetide is generally a matter of principle. And with this recipe, you can eat pancakes without harm to the figures and save your health. Let’s get started! Flour. Wheat flour gives a special taste of favorite dishes so completely abandon it, we will not. But for greater certainty is better to use whole meal flour. Use skimmed milk or kefir to bake pancakes, only the percentage of skimmed kefir should be no higher than 1%. I make them for almond milk. Eggs are rich of calcium, so they can be completely and do not give up. But the fat in eggs is contained in the yolk, so use low-calorie pancakes proteins previously whipping them into a lush lather. Yolks in a farm in handy – leave them for dessert or other dishes. Sugar. The more sugar pancakes, so they are more solid. Therefore, you can opt out of this product or replace it with honey, but a small amount. Preparation:
In almond milk add the sifted flour, liquid honey and vegetable oil. Separately, beat whites with salt cooled in lush lather. Salt, just half a teaspoon. Gently insert the proteins to the remaining ingredients. Mix in the pancake batter. Does not stick to pancakes and quickly shot into the dough, add a tablespoon of sunflower oil. Heat the pan. Use the ladle to pour a well-heated frying pan dough and spread it over the entire surface. Baked pancakes very quickly over medium heat. For this recipe, we need:
Wheat flour, baking soda, vegetable oil, milk. eggs, fashionable way to add our yolk, sugar or honey. In milk add the flour, egg whites, honey, a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of honey 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil and floor spoons and salt. All this is thoroughly mixed. And bake on medium heat. And now for the stuffing. Suitable for light pancakes stuffed with cottage cheese, sugar, we hush honey in top chuck berry. For a classic recipe I use sour cream, for sweetness and bright flavor add a little maple syrup and stir. Enjoy your meal.

Stephen Childs


  1. Видео очень полезное!Люблю есть блинчики со сгушенным молоком ))

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    Спасибо 💖

  3. Здорово!)
    Я люблю блинчики со сгущенным молоком и с творогом.
    С Масленицей тебя!!)!

  4. Очень вкусное видео 📹 аж блинчиков захотелось.Нет человека не любящего блинчики.,(люблю блинчики со сметаной с сахаром и сгущёнкой)

  5. Я люблю блины с ягодным сиропом или со свежими ягодами))

  6. Мука 250гр
    Молокл/кефир(1 процент) 250мл
    Белки 2шт

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