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4.62 out of 5. Average rate based on 423 reviews.

Really submerge yourself into cuban culture with David. If you want a young happy loving family to stay with stay here! Think dancing, beaches, cuban cuisine your taste buds won't forget, best mojitos in the country, cigars, rocking chairs and hilarious conversation! Please stay at Hostal Varsovia. You will love it!

Paula. Stayed at Hostal Varsovia

Paula, stayed at Hostal Varsovia


4.34 out of 5. Average rate based on 423 reviews.

The house is located directly at the sea with a wonderful view at the bay of Cienfuegos. It is not located directly in the center of Cienfuegos, but situated in a very nice neighborhood and just a 30 minutes walk away from the center or 5min by taxi or bici taxi.

Jennifer. Stayed at Casa Los Delfines

Jennifer, stayed at Casa Los Delfines


4.57 out of 5. Average rate based on 423 reviews.

The room is new and very beautiful. It has also been on thorough daily cleaning. Probably it is more beautiful than any hotel in Cuba. Breakfast is affordable and varied.

Imiko. Stayed at Hostal Rocco

Imiko, stayed at Hostal Rocco

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